Sunday, 20 July 2014

Drama Iftar Reunion!

It was really great seeing my former Theatrical Ensemble members once again after so long. Ever since most of us graduated from ITE, we've been busy leading our own lives in a new school or environment; thus making it hard for us to meet up often. However with this annual meet up we were able to do so.

We had our iftar at Hawa Restaurant over at City Plaza. It was my first time there and the food wasn't that bad though, personally. Glad I ordered tom yam soup (a must for me) and it tasted delicious.

Afterwards we all headed to the Geylang Bazaar and, again, it was my first night heading there this ramadan! I didn't get to see much nor buy anything though, the place was so packed with people because it was a Saturday night especially.

Then we all gathered towards the nearest court and chilled there, well not literally chill though, some of us sure made a lot of commotion lol.

I had a great night. Thanks to everyone who turned up.
Also, to these two.

Photoventure soon okay!