Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Cat Cafe Review.

As a massive cat lover deprived of constant attention from a fellow feline member, obviously a trip to a cat cafe would mean the whole world to me.

I like the fact that we are actually able to buy cat treats and feed the cats!

The entry fee is $15, however you can stay for as long as you want once you paid! You get a free soft drink too! The interior of the cafe is really cosy and the staff are really friendly too. Great service certainly demands for another trip or two. 

As I came with an empty stomach, I had my lunch here as well. And since we stayed there for practically the whole day, I got hungry again at night.

Chicken lasagne. A cat actually tried to cop it!

If you're wondering where the cafe is located, it's at Bugis Street, just above Burger King.