Tuesday, 2 September 2014


What I'm wearing:
  • Ice cream tee from H&M
  • Flannel from Uniqlo
  •  The Camo Adams from Macbeth Footwear

Today wasn't a great day, I was really late for school as I overslept, and when I was all ready to go out and shoot, I realised that my camera has been left switched on the entire time, therefore causing the battery to flat out Dx 

Unfortunately I didn't bring any spare batteries with me too, so I was just so mad at myself today, sigh. Anyway the weather has been pretty bipolar lately, some days it's scorching hot, some days it's pouring rain; which explains why I've chosen to tie a flannel around my waist instead of putting it on. Also, wearing this tee made me want to have ice cream too, and I'm glad I just had one with waffles xD

I've been so caught up with a lot of things lately till I can slowly feel that I'm losing my mind..  But I'll be posting an August Favourites soon so stay tuned!