Saturday, 18 October 2014

Project Solitude - A Photography Assignment.

I was tasked to uncover my perception of the theme "Solitude" - which I've so gladly chosen for my visual narrative proposal as part of a photography assignment. Most people (if not all) tend to view being solitary as something negative, however that doesn't seem to be the case for me, so the objective of this theme is basically to eliminate the stereotype - and share how I actually see it.

The requirements of the assignment are as follows:
  • One human element must be included in every photo
  • Required to shoot random strangers
  • Every photo must come with a caption relating to the theme
Gulp, sounds challenging, ain't it?
It sure was, and I ran out of ideas as to where and what to shoot - I was also quite afraid to actually ask permission from strangers if it would be okay for me to take their photo (hashtag anxiety problems) - but thankfully, with the help of  a few friends, I managed to chiong this assignment after all (plus my lecturer seemed to like most of them, luckily).

Sometimes life decides to be tough on us and for whatever reason it may be, it's also crucial for us to take a breather and accept life truly for the way it is - by being alone and  just solely focusing on ourselves for once.

All of us have secrets and desires. What we happen to like may not be acceptable to others - therefore we do it in our solitary.

Time apart and alone from loved ones are a sacrificial need, if it means to fork out a living.

Maybe some of us have gotten comfortable in our own skin. Therefore we feel the need to continue searching for something greater, perhaps something like a sense of enlightenment.

It's all in a matter of one's perspective. Some people - instead of being alone - choose to get away with a book.

Time alone for a peace of mind, we slowly find comfort in isolation. A soul without any companion, a mind to grieve.

We are never truly alone if we are already at the top of contentment.

However it might not always be easy. Solitude could be something that one only views from a distance.

Alone does not mean lonely. It could also be a source of temporary escape. We're all addicted to something that alleviates a certain kind of pain anyway.

If we are too afraid to be alone, how else are we able to appreciate the beauty and nature of every passing moment?