Thursday, 19 November 2015

2016 Wishlist

The year is coming to an end in less than a month's time (as much as you don't want to believe it) so I feel it necessary to look back and see what I would want to accomplish for 2016. 

2015 has been (and still is) a joyride, however there are still some things that I want that have not yet to be owned so - I'm pushing to obtain them by next year!

The reason why I am making this list is to serve as a reminder and to also set a goal for myself ^-^

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

First on the list is the Nintendo 3DS. If you don't know what these are, you probably have been living under a rock. I mean.. The Nintendo console has been developed for a couple of years now. So how can anyone of this generation not know. These consoles have merely upgraded.

As a child I've always wanted a Gameboy. I never had one. So now that I'm an adult and can afford sh*t on my own - why not I finally get one?!

Even at this age I still love playing Pokemon. I REALLY WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON ORAS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire). I'm sorry if that sounds completely foreign to you. But hey, there's always Google-sensei.

Anyway. Pokemon won't be the only game I'll be playing on this super cute device. I am interested to play Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life. Also not forgetting old school games like Super Mario, etc if it's possible for me to get them.

But that's not at all. There's another reason why I want it so much.
It's this:

Source: First Sing


How can something already cute still has something cuter to descend upon it?? This is madness!!

Source: Ultra Fine Online

I have been eyeing on this one for a long while now!
In fact I've been wanting it way before I picked up photography even. I don't know why I put the thought of buying it off though.. I guess I didn't have the confidence in photography yet? Not that I already have it now but.. I don't know. I just feel like having a new hobby or something. And this lomo thing seems pretty spontaneous which is cool in my opinion.

While it may be a camera packed in a limited edition series, it actually only retails for about SGD89. So yeah. I can actually afford it. But why didn't I, the mystery continues.

Source: Wired

Third on my list is the damn iPad Mini. I guess I'm fine with whatever version it has, as long as it works and supports the current iOs comfortably - I mainly wanna use it to watch my shows/anime/YouTube subscriptions (believe me, I have a TON), read ebooks and listen to music or audiobooks. It will be my most convenient.. Go-to? Essential, yes, that's the word. 

I also feel that this iPad would probably the epitome of my personality, because it would be heavily personalised to the things I seek pleasure in.

Sources: Sephora

The last thing on my list is, unfortunately, isn't a gadget. 
Don't you forget I am still a woman.
But to be honest, it wasn't only till recently that I have started to love and appreciate makeup.
And this brand - Anastasia Beverly Hills - can't be found in makeup stores or local Sephora, apparently. So the only way for me to purchase them is by online. *sobs*

I guess that's about it though. There are still other things I want - the Kat Von D lipsticks, for instance - but I feel they pale in comparison to the less trivial things I've listed here. The list will probably still grow in time to come but, I aim to clear this one first before starting a new one.

Hope you enjoyed this random post and, thanks for reading!