Friday, 4 March 2016

Book Review: Lost & Found By Tom Winter

"Sometimes it's better to compromise and accept that some of what you want is better than spending the rest of your life looking for more but never finding it."

It's hard for Carol to admit her failings. Unhappy in her marriage and with a teenage daughter who will barely converse with her, she feels trapped. So she puts pen to paper; well, it seems less daunting than airing her thoughts aloud. She isn't expecting anyone to read her letters, so she doesn't address them. Instead, she marks them with a smiley face and pops them in the post box.

Albert's retirement day at Royal Mail looms and he's given one final task: organise the 'lost letters' that have been piling up in a room behind the sorting machine. Among the letters addressed to Santa, he arrives at one with a smiley face drawn in place of an address. Albert opens the letter, unaware that in doing so his world will never be the same again. 

Lost & Found is a story of two ordinary people, brought together through a series of unforgettable letters.

Carol feels like she is sacrificing her happiness by marrying her husband as she doesn't love him at all. The reason why she went ahead with the marriage anyway was because she was pregnant with his child. However, when her daughter Sophie is born, she fell in love with a man named Richard.

Several years later, after Sophie has grown into a teenager and refuses to acknowledge her mother's existence, Carol decides that she should do something about her miserable life and put an end to her suffering. However, that was when she also found out that her husband has been diagnosed with cancer and has to lose a testicle.

Carol feels like she has been tested again, and thanks to her best friend Helen who suggests that Carol writes letters to the universe, Carol miraculously feels better along the way. Little does she know that Albert, who works at Royal Mail; takes notice of the letters, and they comfort him one way or another. In fact, he keeps them in his biscuit tin and talks about C (what Carol addresses herself as in her letters) often to Gloria, his ageing tabby.

While Carol is busy battling her everyday wars, Albert sets on his journey to find her. So did they eventually meet?

What happens to Carol in the end?

Lost & Found teaches us that we shouldn't sacrifice our own happiness for the sake of others, especially if it's gonna make us suffer in the long run. I find the story to be witty, heartfelt and sad, however, the ending feels a little too rushed, but maybe that's just how the author wants to put it? Nevertheless, it's a great story and I totally recommend it. The way the author strings his sentences together is lovely.

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Lost and Found
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