Sunday, 6 March 2016

February Favourites

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful February~~  mine was febtastic sorry. Now come take a look at my favourites!!


I somehow stumbled upon this kawaii YouTuber by the name of princessmei as I watched a couple of makeup gurus on YouTube~ and oh my gosh, she is simply GOALS to me  everything about her is  just soo kawaii and I love it!

Scrolling through Lookbook I found Kimi Peri  She is just so adorable to me and so nice too! I can't believe she actually replied to my comment on her Instagram photo and actually checked out my Instagram to leave a comment back too!  I love her crazy coloured wigs, and her witchy fashion sense too. Utterly bewitching! 

You can check out her blog at 

On Valentine's Day I watched Deadpool with my wifey. We went out last year on Vday too, hehe. It has become sort of like a tradition for us. 

Source: Fox Movies

The movie has taught me that true love does exist, even if your significant other's face has disfigured. And if you and your partner are meant to be together, the two of you will always find your way back; even if he has left you for years. Deadpool is definitely the perfect Valentine's Day movie, in my opinion.


In January I borrowed 3 books from the library despite knowing that I probably wouldn't have all the time in the world to read, haha. I am currently on my 3rd one but my favourite out of the 3 definitely has to be The Wednesday Letters. It is SO GOOD, I completed reading it within 3 or 4 days besides my packed schedule. Which just goes to show how amazing a read it was. If you're curious to know more about this book, no worries, as I will be posting a review on it soon. 


I have been meaning to find a new band to listen to along the lines of The Story So Far, Citizen and Neck Deep, basically something Pop Punk-ish. Thanks to Spotify (not sponsored), one of its features enables us to find music by similar or related artists easily. All you have to do is simply click on "Go To Artist" on any album you have saved, and when you scroll down on the Artist's page you can see the section "Related Artists".

And that is where I stumbled upon Basement. I have actually heard of the band but wasn't sure if their music would be something I'd like. So thanks to Spotify (again), it shows the list of popular songs the artist has so you don't have to fret about which of the first song you should listen to. I immediately took to listening to the first track listed and I instantly fell in love.

If Nirvana and Citizen had a child, Basement will be the result. Full of teenage angst, their music is the kind you'd want to put on record, dressed up in tattered denim and worn-out sneakers. Basically, 90's grunge in a nutshell.

Some of their songs, however, remind me of Green Day, although the band's genre is actually (supposedly) melodic hardcore.


For most of February I listened to Ellie Goulding's Delirium album. I also recently wrote a review on it, you can read it here.


The best event that happened has got to be my birthday chalet!! If you haven't checked out the post yet, you can do so here

Last but not least, my other favourite (or favourites) stuff of February are my birthday gifts! I have not expected to be given such a wonderful gesture by my loved ones, they were so touching and overwhelming!

This Grimes vinyl was given to be my boyfriend  actually before my birthday, I sorta pestered him to tell me what he got me, heheh. I didn't know he got me a present even (it really wasn't obligatory!) but he somehow let the secret slip while we were texting. Sooo being the curious cat I already am, I kept asking him to drop some hints as to what the present is. He said it's "something I would want but not think of getting for now/something that I wouldn't mind having but only getting to use it in the near future". It's true, though. I don't own a vinyl player.

I just felt it really thoughtful of him to get me this present seeming that he doesn't know Grimes' music. I asked him why this and he said it was because I once tweeted that I wanted a Grimes vinyl (aww ). It's true but I wanted the Art Angels one because of the amazing artwork done by Grimes herself that came with it. But he chose to get the Visions once instead because the vinyl copy is actually a rare item 

This gift was given by my aunt! I have never owned any stuff from Etude House before so this is definitely a first!

So this travel-sized packaged goodies are actually a gift that comes with the actual gift. They smell sooo goood though.

Another gift that comes with it, is this cute hair elastic!

So this is the actual gift!! A set of hand creams, ohhh my God. They are too cute for me to use 

This super cool and awesome Darth Vader mug was given by my friends Annie and Zai, the couple that I recently had a collab photoshoot with. I love this mug so much. Now I can drink my coffee in style.

Next gifts - hehe. Given by one of my closest male buddiessss. 

I haven't had a book as a birthday gift for a couple of years now - so this was a surprise! A very good one, indeed. The book is the kind of book I would want to read but not actually pick up - so now, I can actually read one.  

Plus hotdogs on the cover - what?!

Chewie is one of my favourite characters in Star Wars - this is defnitely a delight!

Apparently everyone seemed to know how crazy obsessed I am with Star Wars, including my brother's girlfriend. This was her gift for me haha.

On the night of my birthday, February 4th, after I reached home from work - I saw my girls sitting in my living room after I got out of the shower  they then presented me with this box.

I only fully perused the contents of the box after they left. Inside were their birthday wishes for me, along with some photos of us together, a couple of Star Wars stickers, a pair of Star Wars socks, a hand sanitizer, a make up remover and finally, a number of chocolate bars that fill the box to the brim (not photographed).

And finally, my last birthday gift is this Masimo Dutti wallet given by another one of my close male buddies. It makes me feel like an adult woman, owning it.

So there you have it, my February favourites. This post sure has been a lengthy one haha.
What were some of your favourite things in February?
I'd like to know.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.