Sunday, 27 March 2016

KL Haul/Spree

Hey everyone! So recently on my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I did some shopping - it was intended really, I brought extra cash with me after settling my accommodation fees.

Before I show you my loot, I wanna let you know of the places that I went shopping in KL. There are honestly so many places to shop, though, and I wasn't even able to drop by every place myself. But one thing's for sure - there are so many things I would have bought as well if I brought even more money with me! Every single thing just seems so pretty and cheap there *dies*

Anyway, back to what I have meant to tell you guys haha. The malls that I went to are Berjaya Times Square and Kenanga Wholesale City, another place I went to is Central Market.

So let's see what I have scored now, shall we?

Shades for RM15. I got this at Berjaya Times Square. They're not real RayBans of course haha. 

Super pretty and detailed white choker for RM12.90. I don't own any white chokers yet, but this one might be a little hard for me to style and pair with my regular outfits.

Camo jacket for RM25, bought at Kenanga Wholesale City. I have been wanting to get a camo jacket in the longest time.

Patterned sling bag for RM15, bought at Central Market. It is big enough to fit in my wallet, handphone and a few small pouches. Upon further inspection, I actually realised that this bag is probably meant to store a water bottle.

Denim pinafore! Retailing at RM39.90, bought at Berjaya Times Square. I wouldn't mind not settling for a denim one but since this one caught my eye, I just went and bought it.

I think this print is gorgeous. I bought another Star Wars tee for my boyfriend, and both tees cost me RM70. I got them at Kenanga Wholesale City.

Another steal in Kenanga Wholesale City. This vest was only RM15.

So yup. That's it for my travel haul/spree this time.
Has any of you been to KL?