Tuesday, 8 March 2016

March Goals

I got inspired by Marzia (CutiePieMarzia on YouTube) and Jasmine from Color U Bold to do a monthly goals post.

I entered 2016 without any goals and aspirations in mind, but now, I feel like I want to set some goals that I want to attain throughout the year. It is because it would make me feel like I could accomplish something, stick to what I have planned to do, and that I am also capable of doing such a thing.

So let's get started on the goals that I want to attain this month, shall we ^_^

1. Watch an old movie every month
I have the desire to watch movies from the past, so I think I will set this to be a thing I do monthly instead of just in March. I have already an old movie in mind to watch sometime this month, and if you are curious to know what movie it is, then watch this space 

2. Update my memento book
In case you are wondering what a memento book is, it is simply a picture journal where I post a lot of mementos in - for example ticket stubs, photos, things that have a certain reminder or memory to it. I haven't been updating it lately, so I plan to do it and decorate it as well, perhaps with more stickers and such.

3. Daily journaling
It's so weird having to include this as a monthly goal considering it used to be something I already did daily haha! I stopped writing in my personal diary often simply because I got busy. But now I don't want to use that as an excuse.

4. Moisturize every night
I used to moisturize every night but suddenly I got lazy and stopped altogether. I feel like I should get back to the habit of doing so as the weather might be sunnier soon and I don't want my skin to feel dry and dehydrated.

5. Clean out my wardrobe and sell my preloved clothes
I have a bunch of clothes that I don't wear anymore and I don't seem to be doing anything about it! Perhaps after clearing them out, not only will I earn some money, but actually make way for more new clothes hehe.

So yup, those are the things that I plan to do this month and I really hope I can do it!
I will definitely update you guys the outcome a month later!

Do you have any goals this month?