Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Ultimate Vegas Style

Hey everyone! In today's outfit post I will be doing something different than the usual, instead of a regular outfit of the day I will be showing you two outfits!

I was invited by to participate in their search for the #UltimateVegasStyle. So, without further ado, this is how I chose to transition from day to night throughout a day spent in Las Vegas!

When it comes to traveling, I prefer to go for comfort more than style. In this outfit, I threw on a kimono over a plain white tee to make the outfit look less drab. Kimonos are so comfy and versatile, and their designs, be it floral or patterned, are also perfect for spring. I also put on a pair of straight cut vintage Levi's and a pair of sandals because I find them comfortable to walk in. A simple yet colorful outfit to be in for a day full of sightseeing, shopping and a lot of walking. 

The only jewelry I put on is a statement necklace, to give the overall outfit more emphasis.

Next, is an outfit I'd put on at night, whether I'd be dining in at a fine restaurant in one of the glamourous hotels or hop by a bar. A simple party dress, with leggings and a pair of spiked boots.

I chose this outfit combination simply because it's a reflection of my personality and interests, plus it also gives off an edgy vibe.

Since the dress itself already has details on its own, I only put on a tiny pendant necklace. 

Many special thanks to my boyfriend for capturing this awesome glare!

And that's it. My outfits from day to night throughout a day in Vegas. If you're interested to know all the clothing items I have used, please leave a comment below!

Also thank you for selecting me to do this challenge! I have truly enjoyed doing it.

I hope you lovely readers have enjoyed this post.