Friday, 20 May 2016

Illustrated Books

Hi everyone! In today's post I will be sharing with you guys something that I find really interesting - and that is illustrated books!!!!

When I first came across this book I was like oh my God - I totally need this on my book shelf!!! Not only am I a hugeee Alice In Wonderland fan, I personally feel that the illustrations in this book are so well done! I love quirky illustrations so this book is definitely a plus point!

You can purchase this book simply by clicking the link below!

Illustrated Alice in Wonderland Book - $16.99

If you're not into Alice In Wonderland though, fret not, as here's another interesting title:

That's right guys it's freaking Edgar Allan Poe! If you believe yourself to be bored with Poe's classic works, nevermore! Edgar Allen Poe: Stories & Poems features the incredible artwork of artist David Plunkert, as he takes readers on a dark journey into the gothic stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Plunkert's mystical, often spooky, interpretations and luscious imagery bring a whole new meaning to Poe's legendary tales, making it the perfect gift for art lovers and book collectors alike!

Click the link below to purchase!

Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Stories & Poems - $25.00

And lastly..

This newly updated collection of select Grimm's Fairy Tales features the incredible artwork of French Artist Yann Legendre as he takes readers on a fantastical journey through some of the most wickedly splendid tales from the wonderfully twisted minds of the Brothers Grimm. Long-cherished stories, such as Cinderella and Little Red Cap, are utterly reinvigorated through Legendre's luscious and daring imagery and illustrations. Art aficionados and book enthusiasts alike will be enthralled by this mystical rendition of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

So guys what do you think of these books? Pretty neat huh? I think they make great coffee table books! I also think I might just purchase all 3 😁😁

If you are into Disney princesses though, here are two special titles I'd like to share:

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Don't forget to share it with your fellow book-loving buddies! Thanks for reading!