Monday, 11 July 2016

Do You Face These Problems As Well?

I'm pretty sure that some or most of us girls experience these same problems. What problems, you may ask? Bra-blems.

Ever since I learned that I was required to put on a bra to go out to the outside world, I was totally reluctant. Simply because I just don't like the feeling of wearing one. It gets uncomfortable. And it also doesn't matter whether your tits are big or small, you still need to wear them or else your tits will sag. Or something. Either way I don't wanna risk it.

Thankfully, pretty lace bras and bralets are a thing now, all small-chested girls rejoice. I have yet to purchase one myself though so I can't really say for sure if they are actually more comfortable than normal bras, but in the meantime let me just regale you with my first-hand experience with normal, everyday bras.

My most common bra-blem is the STRAPS. Yeah, the goddamn straps. They either slip or tangle A LOT. And I will never understand why. Before I put on the bra of course I would have tightened the straps, so why do they still slip and tangle?!

Fortunately, the team at Third Love has just the solution to this, along with other bra-blems!

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I hope you have enjoyed this quick and probably informative post.
Please feel free to share any brablems you have in the comments below 😁