Thursday, 18 August 2016

Beauties On Fire #5: Bold | Pastel Goth

Hello lovelies. We are now on to the fifth week of the Beauties On Fire collab. This week's chosen theme is "Bold".

Now, the term itself is subjective. What does "bold" even mean? Well, if you were to ask me, I would like to see being bold as being brave, as doing something that is totally unique and different, and probably also something that is way out of my comfort zone.

So, with that in mind, I decided to do just that!

As you can see here, I am clearly wearing a PINK dress. I almost never wear pink, it's basically a taboo colour for me. The reason being that I'm just not a fan of the colour in general. It's girly and it's "not me". And to be honest the dress is actually pinkier in real life.

A few days ago when I was out with my family for lunch and then headed to the nearest shopping mall, I stumbled upon a shop called the "Little Match Girl" and that was where I fixed my eyes upon this lovely dress! 

I was instantly charmed the moment I stepped foot into the shop, though. They sell plenty of cute and pretty vintage dresses and tops! Apparently they were having a sale at the time too! All dresses are going at only $15!! 

Naturally, I had a hard time deciding which dress to get. I perused rack after rack. A few had gotten my attention, but I finally went with this pink one. I did contemplate on getting, though, cos as much as I find the print pretty, I don't wear pink. 

It was only after I purchased the dress did I realise that it would go well with the "bold" theme, seeing that I'll be donning something that is out of my comfort zone.

And to make the outfit look less girly and more of me, I decided to do it pastel goth style!

I was so happy with how the whole outfit turned out! I managed to look both kawaii and dark. Owning a pink dress isn't so bad after all!

Leggings- Cotton On
Wig- Uniwigs
Hairband- Montif

And that's it for my take on the "bold" theme; pastel goth!
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I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading.