Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Wardrobe Edit | My Hairband Collection

Hello my lovelies. I'm taking a break from the usual outfit posts (in fact a new style video will be up pretty soon!). I'm starting a series where you can take a peek inside my wardrobe!

Maybe some of you are curious to know all the clothes, accessories, shoes and bags I have. Well, you'd be delighted to know then that I'm actually happy to share them with you! In today's post I will be sharing with you lovely lot my ever growing hairband collection, because yes, I do collect them. I love wearing them and I just can't resist from not buying cute new ones. Let's begin!

This spiked one is probably one of the earliest hairbands I own, it was given to me by a dear friend. It was sold as a two-for-the-price-of-one thing, so each of us has it. We even donned it together before the next time we met hehe.

I bought this one for Eid a few years ago, I can't remember if it was in 2011 or 2012. But anyway I'm bummed that the pretty jewel things have faded, cos I can't really see much wear of it now. 

It's a really pretty piece though, perfect for fancy events like weddings and stuff.

This is another piece I also bought for Eid, in 2013. It looked perfect with the red dress I had that year. The ribbon is really big though, a bit too big for my small head haha, but I like it.

I bought this on a whim. Saw it in a shop, thought it was cute, bought it and wore it immediately. Haha. Definitely not a decision I regret though. It makes any outfit look cute.

My cat ears. This has got to be a favourite ever. I scored it at STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention) last year and wore it immediately too. I am really stoked for this year's STGCC which is happening soon, as I'm hoping to buy another pair! One with bells too maybe. These ears are just SO cute.

Now this is one of my more recent purchases. Snagged it earlier this year and I didn't have a reason for buying it, though. I just thought it looked pretty. And it makes my hair look as if I have some subtle flowers in it when it's actually a hairband. Super cute. I might just buy more in the future.

I really, really love this one. Fluffy cotton balls on my head! I saw YouTuber Noodlerella wear them and found it cute so I was delighted to have them as well hehe.

I don't really have a flower crown so when I saw this I took to it immediately. Plus it's less heavy-duty than the average flower crown. I love how colourful and tropical it is haha. Perfect for festivals, if I ever go for one.

So that's it for my current hairband collection.
I hope you have enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading!