Thursday, 15 September 2016

Beauties On Fire #9: Back To School

Hello my lovely and beautiful readers. Welcome to the ninth week of the Beauties On Fire collab! The chosen theme for this week is... *drum roll* Back To School!

Now to be completely honest with you guys when I first found out that the winning theme was "back to school" I was really hesitant because I had no idea on what I should do.. It also occurred to me that I haven't been a student for almost a year already! Sobs!

Then I realised that I LOVE schoolgirl outfits, schoolgirl uniforms and the like.. Especially the Sailormoon school uniform! So obviously, for a back to school look, I should dress up as a schoolgirl!

I simply put on a white collared shirt (which I snagged from my brother's wardrobe oops) underneath a black skater dress to give the appearance of a pinafore school uniform. I also love the monochrome combo, I wish this was my uniform back in secondary school!

To give a quirky and kawaii touch to the whole schoolgirl outfit I decided to put my hair up into two cute ponytails and I also got my geeky glasses on.

Of course what's the point of going back to school without showing off your new backpack aye haha. Coincidentally, I got this super cute and quirky backpack from my dad. It is actually a goodie bag kinda thing (called a "Funpack") from when Singapore celebrates its Independence Day every 9th of August, and in order to obtain this Funpack you need to attend the annual National Day Parade. Every year I look forward to seeing what kind of Funpack they'd give out, and when I saw that this bag was what came out for this year I was like omg, I NEED to have one! So imagine how delighted I was when I found out that my dad had brought one home!

I feel this post is just nice for me to show off my new Alice In Wonderland journal haha. I copped it at the recent STGCC (you can watch the vlog here if you'd like!). It's pricey but just too gorgeous for me to not get it.

In school I was more of a bookworm than I am now. I used to be able to read a lot. Currently I am reading the Star Wars: The Force Awakens novel.

And that's it for my take on the back to school theme!
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I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading ^_^