Thursday, 13 October 2016

Beauties On Fire #12 & #13: Easy Halloween Looks/Elements

Hello everyone and welcome to the Beauties On Fire collab!
I missed out on doing last week's theme (which was Easy Halloween Looks), so I thought I'd do it with this week's theme as well!
This week's theme is "Elements".

Now, my favourite element of all is water. I don't know why, but I just love playing with water. I love the sea, I love swimming pools, showers and baths, I even enjoy washing the dishes! LOL. But the irony is, I don't know how to swim :(

I would love to learn how to swim of course. I'd be a real-life mermaid (in fact I just found out that there is such a thing as a MERMAID SCHOOL and that you can actually qualify to be a mermaid! Mermaid tails provided!).

So, specifically for these two themes I thought I'd do everything about mermaids!!

They can be done as a Halloween costume as well as have a water element.

For an easy Halloween look I stumbled upon this simple mermaid makeup tutorial on Pinterest!

Here are the steps to achieve this look!

1. Begin by placing a fishnet pantyhose or a wig cap over your face.

2. Start creating the mermaid scales. Using a sponge or your fingertips, tap a blue cream shadow at your temples, forehead and tops of your cheekbones.

3. Next, give the scales an ombre effect. Take a green cream shadow and apply below your blue areas, moving closer to the center of your face.

4. Highlight the scales with silver cream eyeshadow, tap on the top of the high points of your face as highlights. 

5. Now remove the fishnet/wig cap and see the scales you've created!

6. Using the same blue cream shadow and a brush or fingers, apply to the entire lid. Elongate the shape at the outer corners if you wish.

7. Make sure you blend the shadow. Using a crease brush, blend out the top edge.

8. Line under your lower lashes. Using a metallic teal eyeliner, line your lower lash line, and extend beyond the outer corner. 

9. Line the rim of your lashes with a different shade. Use a mint green or aqua liner to line your waterline.

10. Make sure you extend the line beyond the outer corner, below the teal line.

11. Seal your eye makeup with glitter adhesive and loose blue glitter. Press onto the lid.

12. Using a silver glitter eyeliner, apply to the top lash line for an extra sparkle.

13. Finish your mermaid eyes with mascara. Apply to top and bottom lashes.

14. For an extra touch, apply loose silver glitter to brows. 

15. This step is optional, but you can apply false lashes or simply some feather accents to the corners.

16. Start creating your mermaid lips. Line lips with the teal eyeliner, leaving the centre open. 

17. Take the mint green liner, and fill in the centre of the lips, creating an aqua ombre. 

18. Highlight your cupid's bow with the silver liquid liner.

19. Press loose silver glitter onto the centre of your bottom lip for extra dimension.

20. And now we're done!

This makeup tutorial was found here. I hope you have enjoyed it!

Now here are some mermaid outfit inspirations, be it for halloween or daily wear!

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And that's it for my take on Easy Halloween Looks/Elements!
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