Sunday, 20 November 2016

OOTD | I Have Been Chosen

Hi all. I am really excited to share today's post as I've got a cute new tee!

I really love these three-eyed aliens from Toy Story so can you imagine my excitement when I saw this tee in Uniqlo?!?! 

It was even on sale for only SEVEN FREAKING NINETY. Obviously I couldn't help but to get it. The only downside to it was, this tee was actually in the men's section.

Which leads me to thinking.. Do grown men wear tees like this? I'm curious.

Since I am really small sized, a men's size S is definitely big and a little oversized for me. The sleeves especially. I'd have to roll them all the way up if I'm wearing just the tee alone. Fortunately, I do love oversized tees.

It was raining outside which was why I had to shoot indoors. The weather lately has been chilly too so to complete this outfit I decided to dug out my trusty denim shirt from the bottom of my closet. It has been hiding in the depths for quite some time now lol.

Studded denim shirt- Bugis Street
Tee- Uniqlo
Leggings- Cotton On
Shoes- Styledasher
Bag- Vintage, mum's 
Choker- *Scape Underground

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading ^_^