Wednesday, 11 January 2017

My Staying In Essentials

I may be a millennial, but as I approach my mid-twenties I have been getting more and more lazy to socialise on weekends or on my off days. It also doesn't help being an introvert, I'd shy away from anything that involves people and crowds.

So, what exactly do I do at home to relax?

Here are my staying in essentials:


I love reading, and I hardly have the time to read a lot as I used to, so I'd have to take what I can get. My target for this year is to read at least 3 books per month. The book I'm currently reading is Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen. 

I love being huddled in bed with a book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Reading helps me to detach myself from life for a moment, and give inspiration to my creativity and writing.

Another thing that I like to do on a night in is to WATCH SHOWS!

I love to watch tv shows, sitcoms, anime and movies so I will always have a variety of things to watch! I'll never run out of them. I usually have them streamed on websites like Netflix and Kissanime.

I'm currently in the mood for sitcoms though - if you guys have any recommendations, please don't forget to leave your suggestions in the comments below! I'd love to check them out.

I also haven't watched any anime at all in 2016 (yikes) so I'd love to get back into that this year!

Alright guys, so those are my staying in essentials for a perfect night in.
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I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading ^_^