Tuesday, 21 February 2017

OOTD | Shadout Mapes

Hello guys I have sorta "disappeared" from the blogosphere for a little while and that was because I had a busy week! But now I'm glad to be back and with a new post ^_^ 

Fun fact: when I first had these photos taken I really wasn't sure if I wanted to post them, because the outfit I wore was a totally impromptu choice. I didn't think through, I just picked whatever I felt like wearing/would match haha.

However when I got round to editing them, I actually felt pleased with the turnout!

I guess sometimes, impromptu/random outfits aren't so bad after all.

Kimono- Factorie
Dress- *Scape Underground
Socks- Carousell
Shoes- Carousell

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading ^_^