Saturday, 29 April 2017

April Favourites

There is a massive construction going on outside my house and it has been difficult to film any videos because of that. Therefore, April Favourites will be in the form of a blog post instead of a YouTube video.

Alright so let's get started!

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The first favourite is this Essence Cosmetics All That Greys porcelain loose face and body powder. I use it to set my makeup and it does a great job in making my makeup matte and my face oil-free. I have combination skin so I don't know how well the powder will work for other skin types. 

I actually bought this powder on impulse a couple of months ago, simply because I got so attracted to the packaging. I mean, just look at how cute it is! Especially the puff it comes with. I kinda regret using it, though - I should have just left it there and used another brush or something. And that's because I don't know if I can clean it now without damaging it.. Such a waste now.

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Image Source: Blippo
The next favourite is this Japanese snack called the Pukupuku Tai. It's a wafer biscuit with chocolate inside and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. When I was accompanying Zamir to collect his Star Wars Run pack at City Square Mall, we stumbled upon a shop that's similar to Daiso where everything is sold at a flat rate of $2. Some snacks even go at a dollar each though. The shop's called Mijyi and I don't think a lot of malls have this shop because this was the first time I have ever heard of it.

I was tasked to do bridesmaid duty for my secondary school friend's wedding along with a few other friends. I had fun at the wedding; which took a span of two days, it was majestic and don't even get me started on the food. I was hungry all the time and I just kept eating everything at every opportunity available.

Now moving on to entertainment!

I watched a total of 4 tv shows this month, because a) I have too much free time, and b) I have no self-control.

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The first show is what everyone has been talking about, and it's none other than 13 Reasons Why. I have so many things to say about this show but I'd probably do that in another blog post, and that's only if people would actually want to read it. So if you do, let me know in the comments below.

I felt a little triggered after I was done with the show and I could relate to Hannah one way or another.

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The next show I watched was Rick And Morty. I felt like I couldn't get into it when I watched the first episode, but I didn't want to give up right away so I watched the next few episodes, then I fell in love with the show immediately. I love sci-fi so everything about the show resonates with me deeply. I'm amazed by all the alternate universes Rick brings Morty to, and especially of that one universe where there were cats floating in space. So cute.

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The third show that I watched was Girlboss, which is a loose retelling of true events by Nasty Gal's founder Sophia Amoruso. The show was addictive and hilarious to me. 

Also, "fuck me in the dick" is my new catchphrase.

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And the last show that I watched was We Bare Bears. I still have 2 more seasons to go though. In this show, three bear brothers (Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear) do whatever they can to be a part of human society by doing what everyone around them does. My favourite bear is Ice Bear, but all three bears are really cute. The show is just cute in general to be honest.

Alright so that's it for my April Favourites!
What are some of the things that you have loved this month?
Let me know!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading ^_^