Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Dream Blogger/YouTuber Panel

Hello everyone today I'm going to talk about my dream panel of bloggers and youtubers!

The first person I'd like to see on my panel is Luanna of Le-Happy. She is my favourite blogger of all time and she's actually the reason why I decided to start this blog. I love her style a lot and sometimes I get inspiration from her outfits as well.

The second person is a blogger and youtuber, and she is none other than Zoe London. Some of you might be familiar with her, and if you are not, you can check out her blog here and her youtube channel here. I love the content she makes, varying from fashion, to beauty; and travel. I have been obsessed with her current weekly vlogs.

The third person is a youtuber by the name of Princess Mei. I love her quirky and unique style, and she's also a firm advocate of all things cruelty-free. Like Zoe, I love the video content she makes, and she also has a very pleasing overall aesthetic (watch her videos and you'll get why). I love all the different hair colours she has each time and they all amazingly suit her. She can pull off cute hairstyles flawlessly as well. 

And lastly, the fourth person who I'd like to be on my dream panel is another youtuber, Noodlerella. Just like Mei she has a very kawaii aesthetic. It might seem odd for me to resonate with someone who loves all things pinky and girly, but it's the videos she makes that I love. She often talks about Disney, anime, and the best part: Star Wars.

Now, here are the list of questions that I would ask them in the panel:
  • What inspired you to start blogging/youtube?
  • How do you gain the confidence doing what you're doing?
  • How do you handle the haters?
  • Any advice for people who want to start blogging/youtubing?

Alright so that's it for my dream blogger/youtuber panel!

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and thanks for reading ^_^